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"We wanted to give our clients, our designers and ourselves a place to call home."

The Homepolish office needed to be many things. After all, it was our very first workspace outside of our living rooms. But people think, “Oh, they’re designers. This should be easy!” False. We take great pride in not adhering to one particular style. Our designers are obsessed (yes, obsessed) with translating Homepolish clients’ own unique styles into their spaces, and we wanted our office to reflect that. So we needed something special &mdash varied style, function and form, tasteful and timeless. Yeah, we have high standards.

So how did we do it? Well we did what we do best. We searched the city for our favorite pieces and integrated three distinct, comfortable areas that each serve their own purpose. Homepolish employees and designers can get serious at the tables, get cozy on the sofas or get crazy at the bar.

Obviously we don’t play favorites and love each piece of furniture equally, but if we had to choose, our pride and joy would be the twelve foot industrial bar. Constructed for about as much money as you spent on your last drink at the Rose Bar, this little gem can withstand hundreds of pounds (just in case things get out of hand) and an equal number of spills. Our goal? To put our money where our mouth was, and test shipping pallets as furniture before taking the idea elsewhere (see Sailthru and Codecademy).

The final look reads “Homepolish,” which means something different to each person that walks through our front door. We strive every day to help others love their spaces, and now we love ours too.

Photos by Chellise Michael.