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Will Saks

Featured Homepolish Interior Designer, New York City

During the time Will was working as an actor, he found that he was always inspired by the set design of shows he was in. After several years, he decided to switch gears and go back to school for interior design. Since graduating from Parsons, Will has been gaining great design experience throughout New York City, constructing store window-fronts and in-store displays for The Gap, giving the Elite Daily offices a hip makeover, and decorating some pretty cool residential spaces. Will strives to keep his designs fun, yet functional. “Interior design should both make a statement and reflect your clients’ needs,” he says. Will’s knack for mixing trends, textures and period styles paired with his determination to make his clients’ personalities shine in their space is what makes him the designer you’ve always needed.

Will's favorite era is Europe “between the wars” and this love drives his hunt for amazing vintage pieces.


New York City

New York City

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