Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Why should I use Homepolish?

Because you’re ready to love walking through your front door everyday and are either too busy to design the space you want, know what you like but don’t know where to find it or how to incorporate it into what you’ve got, or you don’t think interior design is your forte. Homepolish is a fully comprehensive interior design service managing thousands of projects of all sizes and budgets across the country. From sourcing and arranging soft goods to gut-renovations in residences or offices, we can do it all.

Our designers can take complete control of the process, from accessories to renovations, or lend a helping hand as a design partner and editor. Whatever you need, we’re here! Read about what we’ve been up to.

How is Homepolish different from traditional design companies?

How shall we count the ways? Homepolish is the startup that’s changing the interior design game for good. Hiring a designer by the hour allows you to do anything from rearranging your home office to giving your whole apartment a facelift. Hey, we can even gut-renovate your company’s office loft space. Whether the project is huge or tiny, we’re here to help.

How is Homepolish budget friendly?

Know why traditional interior design has always been so expensive? Because markups on what you purchase mean your designer will always be incentivized to spend more. Not only do we cut out the design fees and markups, we bring an entire library of vendor discounts (a.k.a Shopping List) to take your dollar further and to make each Homepolish space look that much better

How does Homepolish focus on designer-client partnerships?

Homepolish isn’t about an aesthetic, we’re about an idea and a mission. If you take a look at our body of work, we’ve done spaces that range from complete minimal modernism to eclectic cigar lounges. Our brand is not our style – it doesn’t have to be – so you can trust us when we say we try our best to create spaces that are a true reflection of who you are and how you live. We want you to be happy in your space! Our designers are collaborative partners with you to make that a reality.

What kind of spaces can Homepolish design?

We’ve redesigned office lofts, pop-up shops, brownstones, studio apartments, mansions, hair salons, pretty much every size and kind of interior out there. We’re waiting for our first spaceship commission.

Can I use Homepolish if I don’t live in one of your cities?

Yes! We have in-person designers in 15 cities across the US but we now offer by-video design to help those areas we haven’t physically landed in yet. Our Video Design packages are the same as our In-Person options but the design process happens via video, email, and phone calls. Learn more about By-Video Design in our explanatory article.

How do I get started?

Start right here! It’s the typical drill: create a login so you can keep coming back and then start filling out all this information so we can get you matched with a designer. Talk our ears off. Don’t be afraid, the more info you share the better the match.

What do you use my information for?

The Queen Bees (our service team) look at the project info you’ve shared – your style, your timeline, where your project is located, your availability, etc – to figure out which designer will work best. If you’re unhappy with your designer, let us know and we’ll get you a different one free of charge! The information you share is also safeguarded by our privacy policy.

Why can’t I choose my designer?

Good question. If you really love one of our designers, tell the Queen Bees and if they’re available, they’ll arrange a meeting. We’ve spent a lot of energy not only getting to know our designers styles and skill sets but also making sure they understand their mission to be building the perfect space for you. So when you give us the details, we worry about styles and availability – so you don’t have to – and send you a confident match. You’d be amazed at how good we are at finding the perfect match.

Our Designers

What kind of designers work for Homepolish?

Our (now hundreds of) nationwide designers are hand picked and fully vetted members of the design community coming from some of the best schools and firms around the country. Working with both established and burgeoning talent, our designer team collectively covers every style, budget range and project size.

What about contractors?

Your designer is happy to recommend a contractor they have worked with, but all contractors are third party and unaffiliated with Homepolish. While we can’t guarantee their work, your designer will happily send along references or use any contractor you prefer. Our experienced designers can work with contractors and help project manage their progress.


How do I schedule my complimentary consultation?

When you sign up, we ask you for general and specific availability. That “specific” part is for this initial consultation! It’s typically an hour in your home or office (either in-person or by a video platform), so figure out when you’d like to meet your designer and schedule at your convenience. The “general” part is when you prefer to work with your designer – for example, if you’re only available nights and weekends or if you prefer midday meetings.

What should I expect?

Here’s what happens during your complimentary in-person consultation: your designer comes over (or connect by-video if you have a Video Package), they tour your space, you guys chat about your design goals and then your designer gives you actionable options for improving your home/office/whatever. These might include furniture resources, paint colors (if you say you want to paint in your project details) or layout options – it all depends on your pain points. In-person consultations are very important to the design process because it’s a chance for you to express your needs in more detail and get the kind of insight you can’t get online.

How long will my project take?

Homepolish designers work at a pace you’re comfortable with. If you have a tight deadline, by all means, let us know when you sign up! If you want to design at a leisurely pace, go for it. Your designer will suggest a design hour estimate after the initial consultation, so it’s up to you how fast you’d like to go.

Our designers will work to maximize your hours, spending time on areas where their expertise is most valuable and making a space you love.

How should I prepare?

Just fill in your project details when you sign up (or later on your Dashboard page) and be ready to talk about what you’d like to work on! If you have any inspiration photos (or a Pinterest board) bring those! We’ve also written a guide with additional information on the industry and interior design basics.

How long is the initial consultation?

Typically one hour!

The ins & outs of booking hours

What’s the flat fee price for Homepolish designers?

After the initial complimentary consult, Homepolish designers cost $130 per hour.

What are my options for buying hours?

We have two options to keep working with Homepolish! The Single Day Session is three hours with a designer ($390, total). The Design Package has a minimum purchase of 10 hours with the option to buy in increments of five hours after your initial purchase ($130 per hour).

How do I book hours?

After the initial consultation, your designer will email you with their recommendations for your space, an estimate for the design time they’d need to complete the project, and a link to purchase design time with them. You simply pay for your designer’s time – no markups on purchases or other fees.

In fact, if you purchase any amount of hours, you’ll have access to our Shopping List vendor discounts! Depending on your specific needs, your designer will draw floor plans, go on shopping trips with you, source furniture, help select paint colors, manage contractors, or anything else you’d like.

How do I book more hours?

Purchasing more hours is easy, you can go to and select the number of hours you’d like!

What does my designer do with the hours I’ve booked?

How you use your design time is up to you and your Homepolish designer. After your initial consult, you and your designer will both have an idea of the design plan, but once you purchase hours, we always like to suggest discussing the project and coming up with a set of priorities together. Maybe it’s sourcing furniture online and sending you links or shopping together at a store or at the local flea market. Maybe it’s managing contractors or picking bathroom finishes. It’s a collaborative process!

How should I work with my designer?

You and your designer can decide how to work together so that it suits your schedule. That’s why we ask for your “general” availability when you sign up so we can make sure your designer’s schedule matches yours! And how you communicate is up to you, too! Email, phone calls, texting… Pick your preference.

How do I make the most of my time?

Communicate! Be really clear about what you want and don’t want, what you love and what you hate. Come up with a list of “must-haves”, “maybe-haves” and “if-we-have-time’s” and maybe even set a weekly time to meet. The more your designer knows about your taste, the more they can tailor their design decisions. If you hate shabby chic, tell them! If you love cozy hang outs, tell them! If you have a recurring dream about a Moroccan palace but live in a studio apartment, they’ll still do what they can to make it come true.

I have a problem

I want a different designer!

We’re here to help. Call our team at 844-808-4434.

Things are moving too slowly!

The design process includes many steps that often take longer than expected but talk to your designer about creating or changing specific time frames. Setting a specific day/time to talk every week is an easy way to keep everyone on track!

My designer is using hours in a way that I don’t want them to.

Reiterate your wants and needs with your designer. Be upfront and clear. If your idea of your dream apartment has changed since the design process started, just talk about it with your designer and ask them if certain decisions might require more (or less) design time. It’s your home and it needs to be perfect so don’t be shy about changing your mind. The two of you can work to figure out how to best use your hours to reach the new goal.

Remember that your designer is an experienced professional when it comes to time management so ask them for recommendations on how you guys can work together to make sure hours are used efficiently.

I don’t like my designers suggestions.

Try asking for more diverse resources or showing them specific products that you may already have or know of that you do like. If you’re open to vintage, let them know! Give them specific feedback of the selections you’ve received so far and be as honest as possible (for example, “I don’t like this because it’s green and I don’t like green”). If you are unsure why you don’t like it, reach out to your Queen Bee, and they’ll be happy to guide you through the process.

My designer isn’t responding to my calls/emails/texts/cries for help.

Call us! 844-808-4434. Know that you have dedicated service person (a Queen Bee of your very own) to talk to.

Let's talk about the shopping list

What is the Shopping List?

The Shopping List is a game-changer for many of our clients. Now that we have thousands of projects under our belt, we’ve partnered with many of the nation’s top furniture brands as well as smaller retailers to make shopping as easy as possible for our clients. The Shopping List helps us make the most of every budget and allows our designers to create spaces that look better for less. By using Shopping List, you are partnered with our dedicated and personable Homepolish ordering team to expedite and manage orders as efficiently as possible. And designers can dedicate more time to what they do best… Design!

The bigger Homepolish gets, the bigger the Shopping List gets, so make sure to keep checking back for future brands! Best of all, every Homepolish client gets unlimited Shopping List access after the purchase of hours (even after your project is completed!).

How does the Shopping List work?

Once you’ve completed your initial consult and purchased design hours, you’re in! All Homepolish clients get access to our Shopping List service where you can gather product inspiration, populate your list with the pieces you love for every room you’re designing, and check out with a single click across best-loved and discoverable retailers. As a Homepolish client, you also get up to 10% off with our top retail partners when you check out with the Shopping List. After check-out, rely on the expertise of our team to place and manage your order, freeing up you and your designer to do what you do best – create a beautiful space for you.

How do I become a Shopping List vendor?

Send an email to and share a little bit about your brand, product, and why you are a good fit for Homepolish clients. A Homepolish representative will be in touch!

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