Orlando Soria

Los Angeles, California
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After growing up in California, Orlando ran off to the East Coast, where he worked as a production designer for short films, music videos, and indie features. His major breakthrough came when he was cast for HGTV's "Secrets from a Stylist," where he got his start in interior design. Since then, he's worked with clients such as Kelly Oxford, Whitney Port, and Rumi Neely and collaborated with the only celebrity he really cares about, Anjelica Huston. Coming on as Homepolish's premier designer, he now lends his Martha Stewart meets Louie CK humor to the Homepolish Magazine and designs for some of our best Pacific clients.

Fun Fact

Orlando literally grew up in the shadow of Yosemite Falls in the famous national park. He would like to note that he was not raised by wolves though.

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Rumi N.

When I met Orlando, we were discussing boys within the first 10 minutes. He’d masterfully rearranged everything in sight within 20. I love the way his brain works. Every time he came over we had so much fun, even if it was just sitting on the floor Pinteresting.

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