Matthew Cane

New York, New York
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Get to know Matthew

Hailing from New Hope, PA, Matthew now lives in the magnetic and awe-inspiring city of New York.

Honing a distinct chic and contemporary look (in both his interiors and fashion) since moving here, he knows how to take any space from bland to grand. One of his favorite past projects was for a young couple moving in together for the first time in an incredible industrial loft in the ever growing Chinatown neighborhood. Helping the two merge their styles, the space came out with an unmistakeable masculine-meets-feminine cool.

Fun Fact

Matthew is deathly afraid of heights, yet I had a dream to hike the tallest mountain and climb a redwood (isn't that how it always works?). Other than that quirk, Matthew has the normal New Yorker obsession of wandering around the city for hours getting an inspiration fill and eating until comatose.

How I can help you
Kitchen bathroom
Kitchen & Bath
All new furniture
Updating existing decor / big pieces
Furniture layout
Space planning / furniture layout
Art accessories
Finishing touches / accessorize
Painting wallpaper
Paint / Add color
Pulling it all together
I need a sounding board
Style guidance
Determine my style
Merging our styles
Moving in with someone
Decluttering organizing
Streamline life / declutter
Moving into new space
Moving into a new space
Custom furniture
Custom / Trade Furniture
Cabinetry built ins
Custom Build-ins
Matthew's Portfolio
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What clients say
(5 reviews)

Elizabeth G.

Matthew was absolutely wonderful and is clearly very talented at what he does.

Ruthie K.

I loved my designer pairing and his initial ideas and thoughts for the space. I felt that he truly listened to me and my style while challenging me to take risks and try different things that I would never have thought of. It was a perfect pairing.

Meghan L.

Matthew was FABULOUS! He had so many great ideas and totally got what I was going for - we've ordered new light fixtures and now I feel I have tons of great suggestions to make our new apartment feel like home. I was really overwhelmed/stressed with finishing up a renovation, moving and trying to set everything up and Matthew was such a help I cannot even tell you! He's super responsive, funny, nice, AND full of cool ideas - a perfect combo in a designer! He got what I was looking for before I even knew it myself - it's like he's a mind reader! Can't say enough good things - had such a positive experience :)

Diana C.

Things have been going incredibly well with Matthew. He understands what my style is and what I'm looking for 100% and has been great at filtering through wallpapers, paint and sourcing things for me on Pinterest. Two things that I appreciate the most are how quickly he moves with sourcing and ordering things and how well he sticks to the budget and doesn't try to push anything on me that's too expensive or out of my league.

Gillian G.

It was such a pleasure to work with Matthew! He gave us really useful feedback regarding how to make use of the space we have and also ideas on how to work with our budget.

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