Louisa Guy Roeder

Brooklyn, New York
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Born and raised in London, Louisa’s unique background and sensibility marry a deep, keen knowledge of art with the technical craftsmanship of designing garments. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, where she studied Art History and Fine Arts, and spending several years at Sotheby’s, she co-founded Guy French, a line of tailored jackets for women that attracted the attention of the New York Times and Women's Wear Daily.

In 2013, after years of turning her artistic eye to interiors as a side gig for friends and in her own apartments, Louisa started working with Homepolish. Here she honed her talents and broadened her client base, enabling her to turn interior design into her full-time passion. Louisa’s signature spaces are polished and practical, lovely and livable, and always have a touch of whimsy.

Fun Fact

Though there are many tall tales about lefties, Louisa stands by the fact that they are the most creative and fun people around. A proud southpaw herself, she appreciates all special left-handed accessories. If she’s not researching legends of lefties (or new design sources), Louisa can be found scouring NYC for the best cookie. She knows all the best cafes and will be happy to share her favorites with you!

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Louisa was great---she was full of ideas and really inspired me with ways to spruce up my apartment.

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