Leah Harmatz

San Francisco, California
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Get to know Leah

Leah grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and studied literature and art at Emory University in Atlanta. After a career in product marketing and earning her MBA from UCLA, Leah decided it was time to get back to her creative roots. She realized interior design was the perfect melding of her analytical skills with her eye for design and sense of style. Since that change, she has designed projects ranging from a rooftop bar in Panama, to a startup office in Oakland, to some of San Francisco's most stunning apartments. Her modern yet eclectic style is influenced by time spent traveling and living in cities around the world, including Los Angeles, New York, and Hong Kong. She loves helping clients create beautiful rooms that reflect their individual personalities and purpose within each space.

Fun Fact

Leah's favorite pastimes include hoarding vintage Persian rugs and seeing how much furniture she can fit in her car trunk at the flea market.

Leah's Portfolio
What clients say
(3 reviews)

Leslie M.

The whole experience thus far has been fantastic! Quick response times, excellent consult appointment and the team seems to really get my vibe. I'm very impressed and excited to get started on transforming my new house to a beautiful home!


I felt like I was collaborating with a friend who happened to have an incredible eye for design and my best interests at heart. Leah was incredibly thoughtful about form and function.

Steven L.

Working with Leah was fantastic. She came up with amazing items I’d have never imagined and was very diplomatic about suggesting alternatives when I wandered off the reservation. She was great about taking my ideas and preferences and turning them into something awesome. We had a great collaboration.

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