Lauren Martin-Moro

Los Angeles, California
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Typical Project Budget
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Daughter of an architect and interior designer, I was surrounded by style, scale and aesthetics from a very early age. Getting her fill of interiors early on, Lauren turned her focus towards the fashion world. After a short stint designing women's apparel, she realized her true passion was designing for the home. She's spent the last 15 years living and working in New York and Los Angeles. In 2011, she founded her own design studio. The Northern California Native considers herself an interior design addict. She's a mother of two (five if you include her pets and husband).

Lauren's practice involves developing thoughtfully composed, minimal environments with diversely layered elements. Each project is an active collaboration with the client, built to suit their needs while telling a distinctive visual story. Her passion for art history, travel, and period-vintage mixed with European contemporary provides a unique foundation for creating harmonious, eclectic, timeless spaces.

The motto of her studio: We want to help people live better. We approach our clients and environments with a wellness centered mindset. Working from the inside out, we pay respect and attention to all the senses, enabling us to create a more individualized narrative. We tailor each project specifically to enrich areas of our client’s home life that are unbalanced, dysfunctional, or need style rehab. We consider ourselves part archaeologists, part anthropologists. We must first unearth a client’s past, connect their history with their present, in order to design for their future. We specialize in discovering and creating personal safe zones for our clients. We preserve our clients’ well being by making their habitats restful, comfortable and functional, so they may unplug, enjoy and reflect the best version of themselves.

How I can help you
Gut renovation
Gut renovation
Kitchen bathroom
Kitchen & Bath
All new furniture
Updating existing decor / big pieces
Furniture layout
Space planning / furniture layout
Art accessories
Finishing touches / accessorize
Painting wallpaper
Paint / Add color
Pulling it all together
I need a sounding board
Style guidance
Determine my style
Merging our styles
Moving in with someone
Decluttering organizing
Streamline life / declutter
Moving into new space
Moving into a new space
Custom furniture
Custom / Trade Furniture
Cabinetry built ins
Custom Build-ins
Electrical lighting
Electrical / Lighting
Add remove walls
Add / Remove Walls
Architect permitting
Architect / Permitting
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What clients say
(6 reviews)

Kelly T.

Lauren did a fantastic job redesigning our living room in our Hermosa Beach home. She transformed an uncomfortable, awkward, and dark space into a super-chic and welcoming retreat for our family and friends. She listened to our needs (comfort for the husband, style for the wife, and safety for the baby) and was able to exceed our expectations and stay within our budget. Now that we're thinking about moving or building a new home Lauren will be one of the first people I call to help bring her fabulous style and design ideas.

Marc H.

Terrific experience all around. We are a small but growing company who had high demands on a limited budget, and Lauren and her team made magic happen. They re-imagined what was a fairly typical corporate office park space and transformed it into a bright, creative, and warm workspace. Exceptional taste, great vendor relationships. Highly recommend.

Kate L.

I had a loft I needed to decorate before listing on Airbnb. I found Lauren and her team and they did beautiful work! I am so happy I worked with them and highly recommend.

Melissa G.

I have worked with Lauren twice and have had amazing experiences both times. She has an amazing eye and has breathed life back into my house. With her excellent taste, she offers well edited options and collaborates with you to make your space work on a functional and aesthetic level. She is happy to listen to your ideas and has been able to incorporate all of my "must have" needs.

I have small kids, so I gave her a real challenge to design around our life stage (please read: durable things that don't cost a lot but look great). By rearranging the pieces we've already invested in, layering key decorative objects, and giving advice on art, she's helped us stick to a budget. Even when we wanted to splurge on a new couch, she guided us toward more impactful ways to use our money.

Christine B.

My partner and I had our remodeling project designed by Lauren, the owner of L M Design Associates, and we are extremely pleased with the way things went from the first time we met and all the way to completion. Lauren understood our design style and needs right off our first meeting, her proposal was detailed and covered every aspect of our project. Even before we hired her Lauren had great design suggestions that we implemented later on with our architect. Before the project Lauren assisted us greatly with the home design, choosing and picking finish materials and making sure everything is ready prior to starting the construction work. Throughout the project Lauren was very involved as well, she had good chemistry with our general contractor which assisted a lot in getting the final result that we are now so proud of.
We definitely recommend using Lauren's design service for any construction project.

Josh R.

While I am based in New York, I am renting a second apartment in L.A. and hired Lauren to design it. I needed something done very quickly so I could move in fast. After a quick conversation, she immediately got my taste and what I needed and started the process right away. Her picks were awesome and very thoughtful and she answered all my questions thoroughly so I felt very comfortable. And then she arranged for everything to be delivered and set up in such a way that I basically did nothing. So not only do I love my place now but it was completely and utterly stress free. Would highly recommend. Great experience in terms of how awesome the design was and the service.

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