Britt O'Brien

Bronx, New York
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At a young age, Brittany had a verve for adventure, art, and culture. Over time, the desire to design interior spaces grew from her traveling experiences and learning the different ways people live at home and in the workplace. After earning a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from The University of East Carolina, Brittany continued her passion for design by pursuing a program in Oulu, Finland, studying modern architecture and design. She then spent two years in Honolulu, Hawaii, working in furniture and interior design before finally moving to New York City. Brittany’s knowledge of diverse design styles gives her a creative edge and optimistic approach to any task put in front of her. Not to mention, her southern hospitality upbringing and conscientious attitude makes her a delight to work with.

Fun Fact

Brittany swam around Liberty Island, home of the Statue of Liberty.

How I can help you
Gut renovation
Gut renovation
Kitchen bathroom
Kitchen & Bath
All new furniture
Updating existing decor / big pieces
Furniture layout
Space planning / furniture layout
Art accessories
Finishing touches / accessorize
Painting wallpaper
Paint / Add color
Pulling it all together
I need a sounding board
Style guidance
Determine my style
Merging our styles
Moving in with someone
Decluttering organizing
Streamline life / declutter
Moving into new space
Moving into a new space
Custom furniture
Custom / Trade Furniture
Cabinetry built ins
Custom Build-ins
Add remove walls
Add / Remove Walls
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What clients say
(2 reviews)

Neil B.

Brittany has been delightful to work with and she has helped us along quite a lot. We are very satisfied with not just her work, but her willingness to go the extra mile to make sure that we’re happy. Brittany was responsive, she was willing to make adjustments to the design based on our needs, she was patient with our inane questions, and she was helpful in coming over to the apartment whenever we asked her to.

Sam P.

I really enjoyed working with Britt. She's got great taste in her designs! She definitely went above and beyond my expectations.

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