Barbie Palomino

Los Angeles, California
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Typical Project Budget
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Get to know Barbie

Armed with a business degree and searching for career love, Barbie hoarded dog-eared issues of design magazines for years before falling for interior design. Her not-so-secret love affair with beautiful furnishings and objects eventually led her to Los Angeles for professional training to bolster her natural talents. She studied interior design at FIDM before landing a job with a hospitality firm. It was there that she developed a unique high-low aesthetic enabling her to devise spaces that are eclectic, approachable, and visually appealing.

Barbie designs with the philosophy that interiors influence us in even the minutia of our everyday lives... where we drop our keys, take off our shoes, or rest our heads, these are all places that can incorporate style, luxury, and comfort. Among her favorite elements are natural woods, vintage rugs, mixed metals, woven baskets, and almost anything midcentury modern.

Fun Fact

Barbie spends her spare time with her husband and handsome Pomeranian. They love literal walks in the park and at markets of both the flea and farmer’s variety. If she could have any one talent she doesn't possess, it would be the ability to sing. (Or at least just carry a tune.)

How I can help you
Gut renovation
Gut renovation
Kitchen bathroom
Kitchen & Bath
All new furniture
Updating existing decor / big pieces
Furniture layout
Space planning / furniture layout
Art accessories
Finishing touches / accessorize
Painting wallpaper
Paint / Add color
Pulling it all together
I need a sounding board
Style guidance
Determine my style
Merging our styles
Moving in with someone
Moving into new space
Moving into a new space
Custom furniture
Custom / Trade Furniture
Cabinetry built ins
Custom Build-ins
Electrical lighting
Electrical / Lighting
Add remove walls
Add / Remove Walls
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