Amy Row

Hudson, New York
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Typical Project Budget
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Growing up on the West Coast, Amy's parents were artists, and she would frequent flea markets with her dad, a carpenter, in search of unique treasures. Being exposed to craftsmanship and handmade furniture from a young age instilled in her a tremendous amount of respect for pieces that are made with care, made to last, and made to express the artists themselves. She likes to design around special pieces like these. Ones that have a story to tell. And in doing so, she creates homes that her clients connect with on a deeper level. That, combined with her involvement in the fashion world for the past 15 years, means this girl's got impeccable taste. Great products and careful curation really define Amy's beautifully thought-out design philosophy, which is best summed up in a phrase from Georgia O'Keeffe: "fill space in a beautiful way."

How I can help you
All new furniture
Updating existing decor / big pieces
Furniture layout
Space planning / furniture layout
Art accessories
Finishing touches / accessorize
Painting wallpaper
Paint / Add color
Pulling it all together
I need a sounding board
Style guidance
Determine my style
Merging our styles
Moving in with someone
Moving into new space
Moving into a new space
Custom furniture
Custom / Trade Furniture
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What clients say
(3 reviews)

Amy W.

I really enjoyed the entire experience. I feel like I was taught some great local resources for sourcing furniture and pulling design inspiration. Plus, Amy understood the aesthetic that was right for me and helped me to implement it in my home. I hope to work with her again on the rest of my loft in the future.

Nisha D.

We really enjoyed working with Amy. It was an absolute joy from beginning to end! Amy did a great job with everything. She gave us a diverse set of options to choose from and introduced us to colors and styles we never would have otherwise considered. She also taught us how to make a good use of our space. Overall, we were so pleased with Homepolish and loved working with Amy.

Claudia H.

Amy was fabulous! My mother thought she was very professional and had great ideas. They were able to accomplish so much. Further, Amy made my mom feel completely comfortable with the process and truly listened to her in terms of what she wanted to do and why. This is an important quality and not everyone has it, so I am grateful that Amy came our way.

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