Amanda Breslow

New York, New York
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Typical Project Budget
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Get to know Amanda

Amanda is one design savvy gal. Having studied interior design both in London at the American College and in New York at the Fashion Institute of Technology, she’s been taking the New York design scene by storm ever since. From decorating a luxurious, generations-old Upper East Side apartment, to reconstructing a trendy Lower East Side 450 square-feet studio, Amanda proves her versatile ability to transform any kind of space, no matter the size and scope. A natural redhead, Amanda integrates that perspective into design approach. How? She keeps her color palettes simple and sophisticated, but incorporates that perfect hint of color sure to catch your eye. Her goal is to leave each client with a space that they look forward to coming home to, and she strives to create environments that clients will admire and adore, making them appreciate the home in which they live. Her intuition and sensitivity to clients' wants and needs makes her projects personal and unique.

How I can help you
All new furniture
Updating existing decor / big pieces
Furniture layout
Space planning / furniture layout
Art accessories
Finishing touches / accessorize
Painting wallpaper
Paint / Add color
Pulling it all together
I need a sounding board
Style guidance
Determine my style
Merging our styles
Moving in with someone
Decluttering organizing
Streamline life / declutter
Moving into new space
Moving into a new space
Amanda's Portfolio
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What clients say
(10 reviews)

Pooja G.

Amanda was great! Enjoyed meeting her, and I appreciate her honesty and sincerity.

Hillary D.

Amanda was amazing! This service will be very helpful to many people.

Laura M.

I have had a great experience working with Amanda. My bedroom looks beautiful. I have just purchased some additional hours so we can continue with a few things we have discussed in the living room.

Erica R.

Amanda has been great and I have enjoyed working with her. I will definitely be recommending Homepolish to friends

Shirley R.

Amanda was super knowledgable, has a great style and very friendly energy.

Nicole S.

I had a great experience with Amanda and the apartment came together better than I expected. Homepolish is such an awesome service, I have been telling all my friends!

Christa G.

Amanda is a clairvoyant decorator!

Beth W.

Amanda has done an amazing job of selecting options that check all the boxes --working with our lifestyle (young kids), our aesthetic, and the details/feel of the new apartment (and our existing pieces). I can already envision seamlessly integrating these new pieces with our other things.

Christa G.

I feel like Amanda really listened and each item feels really special like organically modern. So happy!!!

Christina W.

I really appreciated how efficient Amanda was while still giving lots of options to choose from. She nailed our style really well.

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