Shannon is a designer, artist and certified holistic life coach. She believes that our homes & lives are inextricably connected and that design is a powerful medium for transformation. She designs for Homepolish and contributes to the magazine.


Ideas for Revamping a Man Cave

Raised with three brothers, Homepolish designer Shannon Tate has always loved designing bachelor pads. She gives us her top 5 tips for taking your masculine space to the next level.


Breaking Down Feng Shui for Your Home

Feng shui may be one of the most misunderstood terms in interior design. Long-time admirer and practitioner (not to mention Homepolish designer) Shannon Tate clues us in on the specifics of how to do a DIY room…


Making the Most of Wallpaper

Every designer knows that wall treatment makes a BIG difference in the feel of a space. Instead of leaving your walls apartment yellow, designer Shannon Tate shows us why wallpaper can make a space that is to-die-for.