Orlando's major breakthrough came when he was cast for HGTV's "Secrets from a Stylist," where he got his start in interior design. Since then, he's worked with clients such as Kelly Oxford and collaborated with the only celebrity he really cares about, Anjelica Huston. As Homepolish's West Coast Creative Director, he now lends his Martha Stewart meets Louie CK humor to the magazine and designs for some of our best Pacific clients.


Orlando’s Obsessions: Round Mirrors

Our West Coast Creative Director Orlando Soria is obsessed with a lot of things, but none so much as beautiful and cool round mirrors. Check out some of his favorites that pop up in Homepolish projects.

Haw-Bin Chai’s Apartment (11 of 23)

Orlando’s Obsessions: Brass Lighting

Orlando's Obsessions is back, celebrating all things that our creative director loves about the design world. This week, a short narrative on brass' fall from grace and its recent comeback story (because who…