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Woman's Day Magazine, Ty Pennington at Home, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Allison's Story

Born and raised in a small harbor town in Seattle, Allison decided to "take the leap" and move to NYC simply because the city "called" to her. Being able to experience a whole world of culture crammed onto a tiny island was reason enough to leave behind her fab downtown Seattle apartment (complete with views of the Space Needle) and jump ship with only five suitcases of essentials (read: shoes). Upon arrival, Allison began working as the decorating editor of the Woman's Day titles and lead stylist for Ty Pennington, designing for the likes of Kelly Ripa of "Regis and Kelly" and Mark Steines of "Entertainment Tonight". Allison manages to create spaces that effectively merge the charm of her small-town upbringing with the intensity of her big-city lifestyle.

Fun Facts

An avid traveler, Allison has been to more countries than we can pronounce. When she's not trekking through Southeast Asia or learning to surf in Nicaragua, she's indulging in her love of water sports closer to home and volunteering for animal rescue programs with her dog, Frankie.

Allison's Featured Projects